My art practice is rooted in the exploration of the natural world. My work is intensely personal, yet it is grounded in culture and belonging to place.

My work centers around the examination of what is ecological, how agency presents itself and to whom, and the perspective of art as collaboration with the more-than-human world. I believe that the creation of art, from process to exhibition to absorption happens between the artist, the object, and the viewer. I am concerned with exploring ideas of entanglement, intra-action, and most importantly how art is vital to our understanding of our relationship to the more-than-human world. Questions dedicated to understanding the implications that arise when artists listen to both nonhuman and human agencies, how objected-oriented ontology expands notions of material/materiality, and how these expanded notions impact artmaking and artistic practice are important focuses. Explorations of artistic practice which is not automatically articulated with the assumption that as the artist, I am the primary active agent is pivotal.  

My practice is an embodiment emerging out of the examining, foraging, drying, grinding, and mixing that takes place informed by the collaborative relationship I have with the rolling landscape of the pothole region of the prairies where I live.


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Apparent Magnitude of Every Day